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Where Are the Petersons? Considering Lack of Representation

During my college years, I took as many genetic genealogy tests as I could. Even in the early years of testing, I had a large number of genetic cousins in several of the databases, but something disturbed me. Why was it that I did not have any genetic connections to the family of Andreas PetersonContinue reading “Where Are the Petersons? Considering Lack of Representation”

How Much DNA Did I Inherit from Grandpa?

Last week, I shared a process for calculating the DNA that I inherited from my grandmother Fern Laurine Stoddard (1929-2020). In that case, I was fortunate in that Fern performed DNA testing before her death, but what about cases where one of your grandparents is already deceased? For me, determining how much DNA I inheritedContinue reading “How Much DNA Did I Inherit from Grandpa?”

How Much DNA Did I Inherit from Grandma?

Over the past several weeks, I have written about the three mothers of my grandmother, Fern Laurine Stoddard Woodbury (1929-2020): Opal Gay Coumerilh, Martha Jane Rickman, and Maude Dee Porter. In the midst of working on these articles, Fern passed away on Tuesday 5 May 2020 at the age of 91. I will miss her,Continue reading “How Much DNA Did I Inherit from Grandma?”

Three Mothers: Part 3 – Annie Maude Dee Porter (1875-1964)

Annie Maude Dee Porter disliked Mothers Day. Her sentiments might have been reflected in the thoughts of Sharon Eubank who on Mother’s Day 2019 stated, “as a middle-aged woman with no kids, I have been by turns annoyed, amused, angry, breathless, and resigned on Mother’s Day,”[1] Eubank goes on to share how through an experienceContinue reading “Three Mothers: Part 3 – Annie Maude Dee Porter (1875-1964)”

Three Mothers: Part 2 – Martha Jane “Mattie” Rickman (1894-1979)

In my grandmother Fern’s reminisces, she remembers “When I was about eight years old, Mother left home. A divorce was imminent. For a few months, things were rough. Then Mattie Scott came to keep house. When she came. I had a great feeling of security and I really enjoyed her good cooking.”[1] Martha Jane RickmanContinue reading “Three Mothers: Part 2 – Martha Jane “Mattie” Rickman (1894-1979)”