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Where Are the Petersons? Considering Lack of Representation

During my college years, I took as many genetic genealogy tests as I could. Even in the early years of testing, I had a large number of genetic cousins in several of the databases, but something disturbed me. Why was it that I did not have any genetic connections to the family of Andreas PetersonContinue reading “Where Are the Petersons? Considering Lack of Representation”

“My Nettie, My Nettie; Oh, My Nettie”

Reflections on the Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919 in Logan, Utah “Spanish Influenza – Just Grip Camouflaged Under A New Name,” read the 13 January 1919 headline of an article from The Journal, a Logan, Utah newspaper.[1] Over the previous months, Utah along with the rest of the world had been fighting Spanish Influenza. TheContinue reading ““My Nettie, My Nettie; Oh, My Nettie””