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Three Mothers: Part 2 – Martha Jane “Mattie” Rickman (1894-1979)

In my grandmother Fern’s reminisces, she remembers “When I was about eight years old, Mother left home. A divorce was imminent. For a few months, things were rough. Then Mattie Scott came to keep house. When she came. I had a great feeling of security and I really enjoyed her good cooking.”[1] Martha Jane RickmanContinue reading “Three Mothers: Part 2 – Martha Jane “Mattie” Rickman (1894-1979)”

Three Mothers: Part I – Opal Gay Coumerilh (1903-1978)

One winter evening when I was about eleven years old, we sat down with Grandma in the living room by the faint light of the fireplace and the Christmas tree. I asked her about her childhood and about her ancestors – people I had never met. “What can you tell me about Opal Gay Coumerilh?”Continue reading “Three Mothers: Part I – Opal Gay Coumerilh (1903-1978)”